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Office Efficiency Analysis

Industry Leading Office Efficiency Analysis

Using Office Efficiency Analysis or OEA, we delve into the depths of your business processes from procurement through to consumption. Typically, this process helps you find issues that you may have but don’t want and highlight solutions that are available that you may not know about.

On completion of an OEA we typically find a streamlined process that it more transparent, efficient and you can achieve savings of anywhere from 15 to 40%.

Common issues identified

  • Poor Fill Rates
  • No Account Management
  • Speaking with a Call Centre
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Consumable Costs
  • Frustrating Return Processes
  • Multiple Invoices
  • Document Storage & Retrieval
  • Wastage
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Lack of Local Knowledge
  • Multiple Suppliers

Office Efficiency Analysis Categories

  • Office Supplies & Stationery
  • Photocopying & MPS
  • Cleaning & Janitorial